Public and legal notices are issued by government entities to notify the public of important information relevant to local citizens. To maximize the availability of this information and to inform and engage citizens, notices are required by law to be placed in newspapers serving the appropriate jurisdiction. To best serve the public, newspapers also place those announcements online - typically on sites such as this one.

This public notice website was formed through a collaboration between Newz Group and the Kansas Press Association to create a user friendly experience. The purpose of this website is to increase the availability of public and legal notices to all citizens to whom the information may apply.

Typical information contained in these records includes bids and leads for public projects, minutes of governing boards, foreclosures, election data, petitions, land use statements, water quality reports, times and purposes of public hearings and meetings, and other data pertinent to citizens.

This website hosts public and legal notices from across the state. The database of all published notices will continue to grow as this website matures.

Newz Group has over ten years of experience receiving, processing, indexing, storing, and posting public notices for the press and public.

Government transparency, not bureaucratic efficiency is the goal of public notices.

Newspapers in the U.S. have a long tradition of servicing the public by keeping government transparent and accountable, and since the birth of our nation governments have relied on newspapers to publish public notices. Our forefathers decided to enact public notice laws because they knew it wasn’t wise to simply trust those who work for the government to always provide that information unless there was a legal sanction for failing to do so.

Not only do newspapers play a vital role in the sustenance of our democracy by reporting on community news and public affairs, but also through their role as stewards of statutorily mandated public notices. Requiring independent, third-party newspapers with a financial and civic interest in ensuring that public notices run in accordance with the law is the best practice for verification. Additionally, by publishing notices in newspapers, they remain permanent records that cannot be altered or deleted.

Local newspapers remain the most trusted source of public notice information today.